Why Windsor is perfect for a day-trip from London

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I was lucky to spend my birthday abroad this year so I wanted to do something special aka go somewhere new, but not too far away from London because I didn’t want to spend the day in public transports. So in the end, I opted for Windsor! It is a must to visit for someone who, like me, is living in London: it is close, cheap to get there and absolutely great for a little getaway during the weekend.

So on Saturday March 11th, my friend and I headed to Paddington Station to take the train. It was actually so cheap: £10.80 for a return ticket!

The trip took about 35 minutes with a change at Slough, you can’t possibly find cheaper and easier than this! And oddly, taking the bus was more expensive so yeah, that’s the best way to get to Windsor from London, trust me I checked!


Windsor and Eton Central


Windsor and Eton Central


We arrived at Windsor and Eton Central and it was basically just across the Windsor Castle so don’t worry about getting lost! The station itself is surrounded by shops and restaurants in case you’re hungry and then when you head outside you get to the Windsor Castle right away.



The price to visit the Castle is £20.50, if you don’t want to pay for the entry you can just walk around since the city is very agreeable but I think it is something to see at least once if you come to the UK so you should definitely consider it!


Beautiful colours out there in the city centre!








It was really pleasant to visit the castle, I’m always amazed by places like that, so much history ! From outside the castle looks majestic and inside there’s everything that you would expect from the life of a royal family: porcelain, paintings, armors, chandeliers… I was in awe in front of so many things!

The dollhouses were also adorable~ Unfortunately photos are not allowed when you visit the inside of the apartments and I got caught when I tried to take some pictures so I can only show you the outside, sorry!


One of the doll houses






Where to eat: honestly you can find a handful of restaurants when you leave the Castle, personally I was craving Asian food so we ended up at Korean restaurant called Nam Kang, and it was actually pretty good if you want to give it a try ~




My first time trying Tteokbokki ! And I must say that I totally enjoyed it! If you are curious, Tteokbokki are stir-fried rice cakes, it’s a very popular snack in Korea and I’ve always wanted to try it! Something about its aspect fascinate me~

Apparently, europeans don’t usually like it because of its chewy texture but if you’re curious about korean food you should give it a go for sure, you might like it! I loved it actually and just writing about it makes me want to have some!

Other than that, I also had this dish called Galbitang which means short rib soup. It is a dish that you eat with a bowl of rice. If you’re curious about what’s inside it’s actually: beef, green onions, korean glass noodles and more.

It was okay but I’m not actually a fan of soups so I did not enjoy it as much as the tteokbokki but i’m glad I gave it a try.



My only regret is that for some reason, my friend and I ended up so tired and we just went to a café, sat on a very comfortable couch and stayed there for the last couple of hours before going back to London. If you ask me, I think it was because we had too much to eat…

There seemed to be more beautiful things to witness at Windsor according to the official website but we missed that opportunity unfortunately! But never mind, I still had a wonderful day and that’s the most important!

Have you been to Windsor? Do you think it’s worth a visit? Do you think I should go back to visit the rest of the city?


Until next time ~


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