Why Croatia should be your next destination

In 2015, while I was living in Ireland, my friends and I were in a desperate need of a holiday after studying for our finals and more importantly, we needed the sun.

I had never thought of going to Croatia before that trip but it was definitely worth it! It is a gorgeous country, the weather was awesome, the sea was crystal clear, the food great and if you’re a little tight on money, it’s pretty cheap there so perfect, right?

I landed in Zadar and I stayed there the whole day and spent the night there as well. Zadar is a wonderful city, I really enjoyed getting around and my favourite part of the city was definitely the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun. The Sea organ was one of my favorite place in Croatia, I just couldn’t get enough of it!

You have these steps near the sea and you can hear the sound of an organ thanks to .. the waves! It’s fascinating and I loved it!

Did I tell you about the delicious and insanely cheap slices of pizza in Croatia??

Other than these two nice spots, the city is quite lovely. It was very agreeable to take a walk there.


I spent my second day in Split. I definitely enjoyed walking in the city centre as well. There are a lot of restaurants and little shops on the main square and the Diocletian Palace was also very nice. Actually, just being surrounded by the sea makes everything better, so of course I loved Split! The architecture, the atmosphere, the food, everything was great~

I LOVED the pastries in Croatia!

You can’t walk more than five minutes without passing by someone with a huge ice cream so obviously I had to buy one, right? OK, well I probably had more than one ice-cream, but well I was on vacation so no one can blame me!

You should definitely try the ice-cream there, it’s pretty cheap and really good, definitely recommend it! 

I stayed there for two days and from there my friends and I headed to Krka National Park where you have these incredible waterfalls! I originally wanted to go to Plitvice National Park because of recommendations from the internet but it was too far away from Split so we decided to go to Krka instead.

Krka was amazing and absolutely beautiful but it was a bit small in my opinion. It only took us the morning to visit the park whereas I thought it would have lasted the whole day, that’s my only disappointment.

Still, Krka is definitely worth a visit, the view there is mind-blowing!


After visiting Krka National Park we took the boat from Split to go to a small Island called Hvar. I only stayed in the city of Hvar and I didn’t get to visit the whole Island but dear, it was so relaxing! We didn’t do much there, we just walked around and explored the city, then we went to Hvar Fortress where we had a fantastic view over the city.


After that we basically spent our time lying down and soaking in the sun near the sea ~ That’s the good life!


The sea is so pure there and if i’m not mistaken, Hvar is actually reputed for its unpolluted and clear water.


If I ever go back to Croatia I’d like to go to Plitvice national Park and Dubrovnik. I couldn’t do it this year because of the lack of time but maybe another time, who knows?

Did I make you want to visit Croatia? I hope I did! I feel like this country is really underestimated but there are a lot of beautiful landscapes to discover there so you should consider it for your next trip!

Until next time~


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why Croatia should be your next destination

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