Why Brighton is the best place to go if you want to take a break

A few weeks ago I was a bit depressed and after thinking about it I realised that there was one thing that could make me feel better: the sea.

I feel like when you are from an island, you have a special bond with the sea. For me, just seeing it makes things better. So the easiest way to settle this was to head somewhere close for the weekend. I love one-day trips, it just feel adventurous and it reminds me of my time in Ireland when my friends and I constantly went on bus tours to visit the country.

So what better way to spend a Sunday than to head to Brighton ?

It was very spontaneous (aka I booked my ticket on Saturday night to go on a trip on Sunday morning spontaneous) but it was such a great idea!

The journey took about 2h50 by bus from Victoria Coach Station and I spent the whole day there. Brighton is rather small so I think that a day is enough if you just want to get around.  

That feeling when you smell the sea ~

Honestly it was freezing by the sea, because of that terrible wind, but other than that the weather was not that bad (by that, I mean that it didn’t rain!)

Here’s what to make you run to Brighton!

Like a happy child



Like a star


That view ~



I had a great Fish & Chips at a restaurant on the pier called Palm Court! It tasted really good and the portion was huge, I couldn’t even finish mine!



And of course I had to eat a 99 by the sea, this trip wouldn’t have been complete otherwise!


What to do there:

Let’s be honest I didn’t do much because I just enjoyed walking around but the city centre is quite lovely, you’ll fall in love with it!






There is also a small casino at Brighton Pier  if you want to enjoy yourself and you have a budget for the day, you can just head there to play!


There were also a small attraction park on the pier if you want to go back to your childhood!


Other than that, I noticed a fascinating infrastructure that kinda look like the castle in Aladdin (Disney fan here!) when we were on the bus so I did some research when we got there and it was actually the Royal Pavilion. The name gives everything away: it is one of the former royal residence that was build as “a seaside retreat” for Prince George of Wales. Who wouldn’t want a palace near the ocean?

Anyway it looked absolutely stunning from outside but I didn’t actually visit the pavilion because I didn’t plan to spend a lot of money on this trip. The ticket is £12.30 for adults if you are interested and it is cheaper if you just get your ticket online. I just saw some pictures but i’m sure it’s worth a visit ! Totally dream like, don’t you think?



Doesn’t it make you think of Agrabah??


There are so many things that I didn’t get to do now that I think about it! Have you ever heard of the British Airways i360? It is the world tallest observation tower! It seems to offer a phenomenal view unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to visit it, I didn’t really plan this trip as I said earlier.

The prices vary between £13.50 and £16 and it is cheapest if you buy it online. Also tickets go on sale approximately four weeks in advance of the date of visit so make sure to plan in advance if you really want to visit this tower and pay a cheap fare.


British Airways i360


I think it’s even more beautiful in summer so I can’t wait to go back!


What do you think of Brighton? Isn’t it a lovely and relaxing place?

Until next time ~


Even more beautiful by night ~



Credit picture British Airways i360: © Copyright Julian Osley and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


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  • Laura Mushu 31/03/2017 at 3:49 pm

    Your pictures look so vintage! I love this effect, it suits your article in the best way possible. I realised that for a long time, I kept mistaking Brighton for Bristol. Who knows why… But no, Brighton on the coast!
    I loved how that seagull took a pose for you, British birds are such divas.
    And you’re right! As soon as I saw the palace, I thought it was Aladin’s. It’s so amazing how different cultures can mix in a same city. Amazing article! (in English please ;))
    Take care xx

    • Joanna 31/03/2017 at 3:53 pm

      You’re such a cutie <3
      Thanks for reading!


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