Travel Diary: a weekend in Copenhagen

I recently spent a weekend in Copenhagen, here’s my itinerary! Read to learn about the free things to do, what to see and the food that I recommend. Enjoy the ride!


One of my friend is currently living in Sweden, in a small city called Malmö very close to Denmark. She offered me to come visit her and stay at her place. Naturally, I checked Skyscanner and by chance I found a return flight for £20. Yep £20! I couldn’t believe it so I just jumped on the occasion and I’m glad I did!

Weekend in Copenhagen |Day 1 – Itinerary

Where to stay for a weekend in Copenhagen

We stayed at a hostel called Urban House if you are interested. It was the cheapest hostel that we found actually. It’s quite nice, clean with a nice atmosphere and it’s really big!


west market copenhagen

I had made some research ahead and found out that the West Market is Denmark’s biggest food court so we had to give it a try. Of course I went there to eat i’m not gonna lie and no one would believe me if I said otherwise anyway, right?


west market cake

west market cake

west market chocolate

west market pastries


What to eat

I always try to look up the specialities of the city/country that I’m visiting and this one seemed like a must try in Copenhagen: the Smørrebrød .

It’s a toast with a particular bread and all kind of things on top. Mines had salmon and egg + bacon, it was delicious ~ You MUST try this !



After lunch we went back to explore the city and we got a little bit lost, but still it was nice to just wander and discover things along the way!

copenhagen tower

copenhagen city



I usually follow a thorough itinerary when I travel but this time it was more spontaneous and we really walked a lot! We wanted to reach Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid and on our way we saw: the Marble Church, the Round Tower and the Opera House. 

I really recommend walking to visit Copenhagen. Or you can borrow a bike! I have never seen so many bikes in my life, it’s really eco-friendly there!

After walking across the city we finally arrived at Nyhavn! You know, it’s that beautiful canal that you usually see on pictures, the one with all the pretty houses~


Afterwards we continued walking to find The Little Mermaid. It is basically just a statue but I loved it! Did I mention that I am a big fan of Andersen?


We then had dinner in one of the cute restaurant at Nyhavn ~ It was a 2 course dinner and it was delightful! I had duck confit for starter and a steak with vegetables for the main dish.


Weekend in Copenhagen |Day 2 – Itinerary

What to eat

The second day we had breakfast at Andersen Bakery, just across the train station.

I absolutely love trying pastries in foreign countries! The danish pastries I tried had cinnamon or cream inside, it was delicious! For breakfast I had a chocolate cinnamon roll and let me tell you this: it’s even better than the regular one ~


What to do

After breakfast we went to visit the Church of our Savior! It is the only paid activity that I did there and it costed like 4€ so it’s really cheap. It is not a regular church, you have to climb 400 steps before reaching the top and when you do, you have this stunning view over the city! It’s better to go right when it opens because otherwise you will have to queue for a long time and it’s more complicated to climb with a lot of people around as well. So yeah, go early in the morning, I guarantee you won’t regret it! (it opens at 11AM)

It actually doesn’t take long to climb the 400 steps, it didn’t even feel like it actually!

After that we headed to Christiana, very close by. Christiana is a particular neighborhood in Copenhagen, it’s actually a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood where the trade of cannabis is legalized. I guess it can be dangerous sometimes since there have been shootings with the police but during day time I think it’s okay. Just don’t wander there alone at night and you’ll be just fine!



Another free thing that I recommend: a visit to the botanical Garden! Especially if it’s sunny, it feels great to take a walk there or just sit down and enjoy the sun. Before reaching the garden we passed by the Rosenborg Castle which looked amazing from the outside, have a look!




My last stop was a visit to Assistens Cemetery where you can find Andersen‘s grave. If you are not familiar, this is the man who wrote the Little Mermaid, the Ugly Duckling and the Little Match Girl among other things. I absolutely love fairy tales so I really wanted to visit his grave! The cemetery is like a park as well, you can see people sitting in the grass and relax, which can seem a bit weird at first …



Before going back to Sweden we finished our trip with a hot-dog, it’s on of the specialities in Copenhagen so I didn’t want to leave without trying it! That was probably the best Hot-dog I ever had by the way ~ TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT !


So here’s my itinerary for a weekend in Copenhagen, hope you liked it!

Have you visited Copenhagen? What do you like about this city?

Would you like to go there?


Until next time, check this article about my trip to Croatia!


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A weekend in Copenhagen


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  • Laura Monkey 14/04/2017 at 6:23 pm

    Oh lord, take me with you on your next trip. Pleeeeease! Copenhagen looks so pretty and welcoming. All the colours, the diversity… why am I poor. Ah because I’m a student. Duh.
    I love how you found the perfect balance between tourism and food. Typical you 😉 x
    Smørrebrød looks similar to the Italian bruschetta that I need to make you one of these days. You’ll love it! Oh and the botanical garden looks like heaven ??
    I love travelling with you through your articles. Your blog is amazing. Miss you gorgeous!
    Take care x

    • Joanna 14/04/2017 at 9:02 pm

      Always a pleasure to read your comments my dear! Thank a lot ~

  • Jollies and Jaunts 23/04/2017 at 9:23 am

    Copenhagen is one of my absolute favourite places – heading off there for the third time in a few weeks. Church of Our Saviour is such a wonderful building! I’ve not visited the botanical garden before but it looks beautiful so I’ll aim for a trip there next time.

    • Joanna 23/04/2017 at 11:43 am

      I know right! The Church of Our Saviour really impressed me, it is so so beautiful!
      Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

  • Corinne 23/04/2017 at 10:16 am

    I’d love to go to Copenhagen! I think it’s either there or Sweden that I’ll go to next. Nyhaven is so pretty!

    • Joanna 23/04/2017 at 11:42 am

      I’ve only visited a small town in Sweden so I can’t say for sure but I definitely recommend a visit to Copenhagen if you have the time 🙂


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