The cutest wanderlust tattoos

Many times I’ve been thinking about getting a small tattoo, something meaningful in my eyes, small and pretty! And what’s more meaningful than to remind myself that life is short and that the world is worth visiting? Here’s a compilation of my favourite wanderlust tattoos!

A reminder of how life, nature and exploring is wonderful ~


The Plane – A classic one, it is perhaps the most obvious symbol of wanderlust!



The map – To remind you how big and wonderful the world is ! This one is absolutely gorgeous, i’m loving it!


The Compass– To always find your way ~

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The arrow – It symbolizes direction but it’s also a reminder that better things await. Whenever you feel like things are not going your way, think of an arrow: it is pulled backward before it is shot. Life is like that, greater things await, you just need to be patient! At least that’s a way of seeing things that I particularly love!



The balloon




The quote or Inspirational word – We all have a quote that we love or a word that keep us going~ my favorite quote is probably “Time waits for no one”!


The coordinates of your favourite place in the world – I love this one, it is really meaningful, especially if there is a place that you absolutely love but you cannot be there for X reason!


The planet – Last but not least, our beautiful and precious planet~


So, what’s your favourite?
Would you consider getting a tattoo?

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