Welcome ~

My name is Joanna and I decided to start this blogging adventure for many reasons, one being that travelling makes me happy so I figured that it’d be nice to write about something that makes me feel good ~

I am from Réunion Island and when I turned 18 I left my home to go study in France. Since then, I haven’t stopped moving around and I’ve basically lived in 4 different places in 5 years and it was just so great because I got to discover wonderful places and incredible people along the way.

My first trip abroad was in London, in May 2013 and it opened up a new world to me.

I still remember my first time in London, so exciting!


When I went back home 4 years ago I told everyone that I wanted to live in London one day. And now i’m actually living here, I can’t believe it ~


Since then, I’ve started planning trips abroad whenever I could and when I say planning, I mean stalking the internet and then making a PDF with itineraries for my travel HA-HA
I do like to be organised when I travel because I don’t want to miss anything –  I do have to learn how to let it go sometimes though but no one’s perfect, right?


I’d love to talk about many things on this blog:

  • My home – Réunion Island, a gorgeous island in the Indian Ocean that few people know about.
  • London – where I am currently living. I love this city so much, always something to see or do and it is so beautiful!
  • My adventures abroad (past and future) – I don’t know what’s coming next but I’m already excited about my future adventures!
  • Food discoveries – Let’s get real, eating is one of my favourite activities and I love trying new food or new restaurants and cafés. I’d like to share these discoveries with you.



I hope that you will enjoy the ride!





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