7 things that made the Philippines unforgettable

#Throwbackthursday is a good opportunity to go through my pictures and remember the beautiful landscapes, amazing food and great memories from previous travels.

Today let’s go back to the Philippines!
Rice terraces, hikes, cascades, caves, sunrises… just nature at its finest and I really had a blast there!

I had the opportunity to visit the Philippines in June 2016 after initiating a humanitarian project with my university. It’s a long story but basically, after months of work my friends and I had the chance to fly there to complete this project. 

After wrapping up the project we allowed ourselves a little trip around the Philippines because it would have been terrible to go back home without actually exploring the country!

I’ve always wanted to visit Asia and this was my first (and hopefully not last) visit to an Asian country so, do I need to mention that I was super excited?

I wasn’t able to go to most touristic locations, I didn’t even go to the beach!  I’m pretty sure the Philippines have some of the best beaches out there but I still got to see some unforgettable landscapes so no regrets! Instead of paradise islands, I headed to Sagada, in the mountains, and it was GREAT.

Here are my favourite things about those wonderful 10 days spent in the Philippines:

That stunning sunrise at the top of the world (at least that’s what it felt like)

That amazing hike through the rice terraces

The cascade that was waiting after that hike, it’s always so nice to get a reward after an effort!

That hike in the Sumaguing cave! You must all be wondering how it was: well, yes it was as awesome as it sounds ! Just a small piece of advice: if you want to give it a try, make sure you don’t have claustrophobia.

So adventurous Ha-Ha

The incredible view on the Banaue rice terraces!  I was so looking forward to this view and I was definitely not disappointed! The rice terrace are as amazing as you can imagine ~

THE FOOD – because no trip is worth it if you don’t try the local food ~ I’m craving some chicken Adobo right now! 

Last but not least: the people!  Their kindness made this trip so special.

Thanks again for the warm welcome, I will be back!

People kept wanting to take pictures with us, I felt like a movie star there! 

Until next time ~



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