Disneyland Shanghai tips

6 tips for Disneyland Shanghai

As an early Christmas gift to myself, I decided to go to Disneyland Shanghai at the beginning of last December! I had so much fun, I actually wish I could go back. I’ve been wanting to go to Disneyland for quite some time now (proud Disney fan here!) but never had the opportunity to go to Disneyland Paris. Little did I know that I would end up going to Disneyland in China!

If you think that going to Disneyland is easy you are in the wrong, it actually requires preparation. Check out my tips!

Here are the 6 tips you must know when going to Disneyland Shanghai!

Disneyland Shanghai

  1. Go during the week

Disneyland Shanghai is actually more expensive during the weekend! I paid 370 RMB (about 47€) to go on Monday whereas the price during the weekend was 499 RMB (63€!!).

That’s something you should take in consideration, if you’re planning to take a trip to Shanghai there will be some costs so of course it’s better to get the cheapest ticket,  a 129 RMB difference is a lot!

  1. Be there before the opening

Going to Disneyland is like going to a concert, you have to be there early! Why? Because there are 1 billion Chinese people in China! Whenever you go, there will be a lot of people so go there early if you don’t want to queue for a long time to get into an attraction! Also, if you want to get nice pictures without thousands of people in the back, it’s best to be there before everyone else.

  1. Buy things in the subway

There’s a direct line that goes to Disneyland (I’ll put all the information at the end!). You’ll see some vendors in the subway selling headbands or raincoat. BUY IT! At first, I was like “Why would I need this?!” but little did I know…

I didn’t think about the fact that there are water attractions in the park that require a raincoat. In the end, I had to pay the triple of what they were selling in the subway! I wish I knew, that would have save me some money!

  1. Download the app

Disneyland Shanghai attractions

This is actually a must! With the app you will know how long you have to queue for each attraction, you’ll have the schedule for the shows, a map and more importantly: a fast pass. If you’re going with someone it’s fine as long as one of you have the app. A fast pass allows you to jump the queue! Some attractions are quite popular and you might have to wait around 45 minutes to get in… BUT with the fast pass you can go in right away as long as you book it on the app! It’s quite easy don’t worry and it’s a MUST when visiting Disneyland Shanghai!

  1. Don’t neglect the small attractions

You might want to try the most incredible attractions there but mark my words! Disneyland Shanghai actually put so much efforts in the details that even the smallest attractions are incredible! For example there is a Winnie the Pooh attraction and at first, you might think that it’s more for children but inside… it is actually stunning! I can guarantee that you’ll be lost for words!

The Peter Pan attraction was wonderful as well! I didn’t have time to do all of them but remember this: if you have time try everything!

Disneyland Shanghai attractions

  1. Go watch the shows!

You might only be interested in the attractions but that would be a mistake! All the shows might be in Chinese but still, it’s definitely worth it! I watched Pirate of the Caribbean, Tarzan and Frozen. Frozen was more for children but Elsa’s entry was quite cool! As for the 2 others they were AMAZING with lots of cool effects! Special mention for Tarzan because it had acrobats and amazing figures, such a beautiful show!

  1. It’s okay to go alone

If by any chance you REALLY want to go but there’s no one to go with you… Go for it! It’s different to go alone but you’ll still enjoy yourself, it’s Disneyland after all! Also, it’s convenient if you’re alone because Disneyland Shanghai offers access to single riders so most of the time you wouldn’t have to queue or use the fast pass!

Disneyland Shanghai Castle

Have you been to Disneyland before? What’s your favorite park? It’s my goal now to visit every Disneyland… I think my next Disneyland is going to be Disneyland Tokyo and then Disneyland Paris. The others I’m not quite sure when I have the opportunity to visit them but it’ll come, right?

Let me know if my tips for Disneyland Shanghai were useful to you and have a good time !



Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Subway: Metro Line 11  Terminal Station Disney Resort

Get the App: PlaystoreApple StoreChinese Website (if you don’t have a VPN)

What you need to get in the park: Your passeport and ticket confirmation


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6 tips for Disneyland Shanghai

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